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Colombian Ex-President Uribe should be given due process

Two Colombian lawyers, Pedro Pizano and Andrés Manosalva, wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times Spanish edition last week, wherein they described a potential political and legal inflection point in Colombia. Ex-president Álvaro Uribe has been placed under house arrest to inhibit his potential ability to tamper with witnesses in a case against him. The prosecution argues that his lawyer has threatened and bribed witnesses in a legal case against him.…
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Gorleben will not be a nuclear waste storage site

Germany has been searching for a place to store its nuclear waste for over forty years. Like in the US, this process has become highly politicized and controversial. Few people want to live near a nuclear waste facility. The German government created a committee to identify potential regions for long term storage of the waste[2]. Today the committee published a list of potential sites. One omission in particular stood out–the salt mine at Gorleben was not on the list.…
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Argentinan Wines Win Big at Decanter Wine Awards

The 2020 Decanter Wine Awards were recently held in London[1]. More than 16,000 wines are given a blind taste taste, and 25 Argentinian wines came out with high points, including a Best in the Show for the 2018 “El Colomé Lote Especial Tannat” from the highlands of Valles Calchaquíes in Salta. Ten other wines, most of them Malbecs, came out with platinum awards and fourteen other with gold. Colomé Lote Especial Tannat 2018 (98 points) Amalaya Malbec 2019 (97 points) Luigi Bosca Finca Los Nobles Malbec-Verdot 2018 (97 points) Chakana Ayni Malbec 2018 (97 points) Gran Enemigo, Single Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2016 (97 points) Escorihuela Gascón The President’s Blend Malbec-Cabernet Sauvignon-Syrah 2018 (97 points) Magdalena 2018.…
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