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The Social Democratic Party of Germany wants to welcome more refugees from Moria

Politicians in Germany are debating how many more refugees to take from the Moria Refugee Camp on the Greek Island of Lesbos. The situation became more urgent during the second week of September when a fire raged through the camp, leaving thousands of refugees without even basic shelter. The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) and the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU), who govern together in a “Grand Coalition,” have been debating how many people to welcome to Germany.…
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Countering price increases and supply problems for Midautumn Festival and National Day

Recently in China there’s been inflation at a higher rate than is normal, with prices of staples like pork and vegetables rising quickest. According to a new article published in Securities Daily, China’s Development and Reform Commission is watching these trends closely and is prepared to counter inflationary measures[1]. The Commission reports that the increase in consumer price index (CPI) has now been below 3% for over four months, and August’s increase in CPI was the lowest in the trailing 17 months.…
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Official Exchange Rate Manipulation in Argentina

According to an article on Clarín, The Central Bank of Argentina has taken new measures restricting access and usage of US dollars in the country[1]. Inflation is rampant in Argentina; when I spent a year there in 2012 the official exchange rate was 1 USD to 4.5 ARS, and according to the article it’s now 1 USD to 130 ARS. The yearly inflation rate is around 25%. So if one wants to save for the future in Argentina, it makes no sense to save in Argentian Pesos, the real value of your savings decrease over time.…
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