Plain Text Transmissions

Asian Copper

Grandfather died here, father died here, I will also die here  

You're the only place suitable for burying people  


Asian Copper Asian Copper  

Birds are love's ecstasies and doubts   seawater drowns everything  

Your master is green grass   living on your slender waist  

protecting the hands and secrets of wildflowers  


Asian Copper Asian Copper  

Can you see them? Those two white pigeons   They are the two white slippers Qu Yuan left in the desert  

Let us—us and the flowing river together slip them on  


Asian Copper Asian Copper  

After striking the drum   We will call the hearts dancing in the darkness the moon  

This moon is composed primarily of you  



亚洲铜 亚洲铜  

祖父死在这里 父亲死在这里 我也会死在这里  


亚洲铜 亚洲铜  

爱怀疑和飞翔的是鸟 淹没一切的是海水  

你的主人却是青草 住在自己细小的腰上  


亚洲铜 亚洲铜  

看见了吗? 那两只白鸽子 它是屈原遗落在沙滩上的白鞋子  

让我们——我们和河流一起 穿上它吧  

亚洲铜 亚洲铜  

击鼓之后 我们把在黑暗中跳舞的心脏叫做月亮