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Challenges facing the Jewish Community in Germany after Seventy Years

The Süddeutsche Zeitung reported today of a ceremony to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Jewish Central Council in Germany[1]. The Council was formed in 1950 originally to help Jews who found themselves stranded in Germany leave the country. In the years since it has become an advocacy group for the Germany Jewish community. The event was attended by members of the council, current and former German policitians and prominent members of society.…
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Scientific Research and Patriotism

Today I read an article[1] from Xinhua news’ special report collection on Xi Jinping. Yesterday, September 13th, Xi Jinping attended a scientific forum. In the forum he encouraged the scientists and researchers to cultivate their curiousity and spirit and not to pursue fame in order to obtain scientific breakthroughs. “We want to encourage science and technology workers to concentrate on their own areas of research, to tirelessly dig deeper, without vanity or plans for fame,” he said[2].…
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Bloomberg 2020

The last few friends I’ve told that I’m excited about Mike Bloomberg’s candidacy for president have met me with stares of incredulity. In exasperation, I’m asked, “don’t you know he’s a billionaire?” or “how could you support someone who enacted stop-and-frisk?” or “isn’t he just trying to buy the election?” I’m going to address these issues below and explain why I think Bloomberg would make a great president.…
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