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Raleigh Elections - Who I'm Voting For

Oct. 2, 2019, 9:26 a.m.

Raleigh, USA

Elections for the city of Raleigh are next Tuesday, October 8th. If you plan to vote on Tuesday, you have to previously have registered yourself as a vote. If you'd like to vote, but haven't yet registered, you can do same-day registration (same time, actually) during early voting, which I believe is occurring until the end of this week, though you should double-check the dates. If you live in Raleigh, you can vote for four people--mayor, a city councilperson for your district, and two at-large city council members.

Raleigh's made a couple of dumb decisions in the past two years, including severely restricting scooters in favor of widening roads and not challenging the bad deal (increases airport revenue by less than 0.5% per year) the airport made with a stone quarry to turn a de-facto public park into an eight-story deep pit. So I made sure to attend the candidate forums these past few weeks, both for the mayoral and city council candidates, and based on these forums decided I'll be voting for the following candidates:

Charles Francis - an eloquent lawyer who opposes the quarry and would rather see the $160 mln allocated for new city office buildings be spent, at least partially, on cultural centers downtown, including a public library.

At Large city council members:
Nicole Stewart and Seth Mouton: There seems to be bad blood between the two current incumbents, as they're always bickering with each other. If this weren't the case, I'd probably be voting for both of them again. Since it appears that they don't have a working relationship, I'll instead be voting for Stewart and Moulton.

District A:
Patrick Buffkin seems decent enough, and Sam Hershey is reasonable too. I think both would be fine.

District B:
David Cox

District C:
Shelia Alamin-Khashoggi. The incumbent, Branch, voted for the quarry and hasn't justified why. His transportation plans seems to primarily be just widening roads.

District D:
Kay Crowder. This race has gotten a bit of attention because Saige Martin has raised a lot of money and is a designer, so he knows how to make himself stand out. That being the case, Martin seems often to be channelling national politics when he speaks, which I don't think is constructive. Bryan also seems like a great candidate, and I'd vote for her if I didn't think the Crowder/Martin race was going to be close.

District E:
Stef Mendell. There have been issues with her, but what I saw of Knight at the forum was someone who thought he was the most important person in the room and I don't think that will work when decisions are often made by consensus.

What are your thoughts?